Conversis Energy B.V. is a recent and young  company with Dutch and German roots, whose activities will be with focus on the fields of circular economy and energy transition.


The two founders have well over 75 years of experience in initiating and researching possible investment propositions in capital intensive domains, on behalf of their (international) clients, then guide them through often complex (international) negotiations for the acquisition of those propositions, including solving financing problems going together with that.

Conversis Energy B.V. sets its goals for implementing above knowledge and experience for the initiation, enabling and bringing to full growth of projects and processes that can contribute to practical industrial solutions for achieving full circularity in how we deal with our natural resources (fossils and other raw material) and energy use in this world. We emphasize on the word practical.

Conversis Energy B.V. will herewith anticipate on  social developments regarding our growing acknowledgement and consciousness about our responsibility as world inhabitants for keeping this world a liveable environment for now and for the future.


Conversis Energy B.V. places itself as a pioneer  or – as you like – quarter maker for companies that are active in the work fields as described above with developing methods, products and solutions, to roll them out in the Netherlands, but also in other countries.

Our consultancy services could consist of, among others

  • The search for and identifying – where needed – of suitable business partners or chain partners with whom to set up partnerships and cooperation agreements
  • The development and putting together of business plans
  • Allocating and guidance towards sufficient funding and financing
  • When necessary arrange for involvement and doing coordination of specialist services (technical, legal and fiscal)
  • The Search for and identifying of suitable locations for establishments

In certain cases Conversis Energy B.V. could co-participate in such partnerships or Joint Venture Projects.



Conversis Energy B.V.
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